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SRL realised that passing some responsibilities of your day to day unrewarding business activities to an established Company management organisation relieves you of precious time to concentrate upon building the side of the business which needs more attention to grow and our services are in place to save time, effort and ensures you get a service that delivers.We can help managing Marketing, Tax assessment and Invoicing. We offer two packages that can give you peace of mind.

The Merit service is in place for customers who deserve a good comprehensive service at an affordable monthly fee. We can highlight below some of the great advantages you are serviced with in order to operate your company efficiently.

  • Quarterly statements on your TAX position
  • Employee PAYE processing & registration
  • Registered company office (Hence no Government Mail)
  • Quarterly VAT returns and new VAT registration
  • Your Companies House Annual Return;
  • Preparation of Accounts to Inland Revenue and Companies House
  • Orchestrate payroll for the company;
  • Changing the name of your company (Restricted to two applications per Annum)

Informed either by e mail or fax when Tax/Vat returns/Salaries or Payments are due.

Merit Plus Service

Fee per month* - £139

The Merit Plus has all the advantages of the Merit Service but with added benefits of:-

  • Salary Bacs payments,Transfers
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Company Secretarial Position
  • PAYE and NI quarterly returns

SRL can deal with new customers wishing to be transferred from other Company management service providers.

Note: Initial payment of monthly fee taken at point of order, followed by monthly payments collected by Direct Debit.

*12 month minimum contract



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