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We are a company formation agent who register companies for customers based in the UK, Italy and many other Jurisdictions. We have over 10 years experience in the registration and set up and maintainance of Limited Liability companies.

We also provide many different services for new company formations, in the form of Accountancy, Website Design Services, Payroll Services just to name a few.

We have an expert team of Formation specialists, who can form your limited company within 3 hours and have your documents sent over to you within a couple of days.


For advice on Tax advantages when opening a LTD in the UK, while operating in Italy and the rest of the world click here>>.

The tax burden in Italy continues to grow and by 2012, as the stability law, it would stand at all-time high around 43.8%. Estimates do not include the effects of tax and welfare of the delegation, which could lead to increased revenues of up to 0.2 points of GDP in 2012, 1.0 in 2013 and 1.2 in 2014.

It 'as said the head of the Bank of Italy Economic Research Daniel Franco joined the Budget Committee hearing of the House and Senate. "The tax burden in Italy is high in both historical and international comparison, two points above the average of the other euro area countries. In the next three years it is expected to grow further. Given the relatively large extension of the irregular economy in Italy, taxpayers who comply fully with the obligations are subject to tax rates systematically higher than our major trading partners. "

"Tax evasion determines guilt and distorts competition and is an obstacle to growth in size of Italian firms. The reform of the tax system provided for in the draft law under discussion in Parliament is an opportunity to intensify efforts to combat this phenomenon and to limit the distortion. Proceeds from the reduction in the areas of evasion are used to reduce the statutory tax rates. "

Franco said he was opposed to any tax amnesty, which may have "distorting effects that send signals" and "the risk is that it does not help to bring out" the country from a situation of high tax evasion due to "many reasons such as production structure. " "It would be appropriate to establish quickly a plan for the disposal and utilization of public real estate assets, consistent with the statements of the government."


“I needed a Company set up with some tax advice. When I contacted SRL I did not know what to expect but they were courtious and informative. In terms of Efficiency, Proffesionalism and affordabilty SRL ticks all the boxes. “
Giuseppi Rossi
Business Director